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CNC Spring Making Machine

CNC Spring Making Machine

CNC Spring Making Machine

Product ID: KHM CNC-30

KHM CNC-30 combines precision CNC controlled servo-motion system and conveniences of mechanization. It is suitable for various kinds of spring products through a simplified setup and programming procedure. We hope customers can learn KHM CNC-30 in the shortest period of time

Rotary quill turns during production before spring-body collide the quill. There is no necessary to fix quill according different setup and set-up machine more quickly. Quill can turn more than 360°


KHM CNC-30 is equipped with eight slides. We design tools for individual purposes such as bending, coiling, pitching, forming, and cutting. Working spaces and angles are considered very carefully to develop portable tool holders for straight movement or supporting movement from other slides. KHM CNC-30 is able to produce torsion springs, compression springs, tension / extension springs, taper-springs, wire-forming parts and other related spring products. We can also utilize angle sensors to assist us to maintain accurate torsion angle.
Computer controls wire feeding and main axis (X). X axis is able to move forward and backward without limits. It is an advantage for setting-up a magazine spring. Wire can be fed forward or backward in any angle or length. We can change program contents during the MANUAL MODE. Maximum memory storage is up to 99 programs. We utilize fully automatic slide sensors to avoid possibility of tool damage.

  KHM CNC-30
Wire Dia. 1.2 - 3.5mm
0.047 -0.137in
Max. O.D. 120mm
Display Chinese And English
Max. Production Rate 70 PCS / MIN
  X Axes Y Axes Z Axes
Min. Value 0.1° 0.1/0.01mm
Max. Value 359.9° 9999.9/999.99mm
Min. RPM 70 RPM 400 RPM 300 RPM
Total Feed Length Unlimited
  Machine Wooden Case
Weights 1500 kg3300 lbs 1800 kg3960 lbs
Dimensions 161x68x166 cm
63x26x65 in
Power 3PH 220V60HZ
Customer Specified Available

Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Chris Huang
Contact:Mr. Chris Huang
Address:9F., No.63, Sec. 4, Chongxin Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan