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KHM CNC-10A Tension Making Machine

KHM CNC-10A Tension Making Machine

CNC Tension Making Machine

Product ID: KHM CNC-10A
  • Spring End Detection:

During production, we can observe Total Feed Length (Main Wire Feed + Aux. Wire Feed) from LCD monitor, if the value is stable, that means spring O.D. is stable, if the value is bigger than Standard Total Feed Length, that means Spring O.D. is getting bigger, if value is smaller than Standard Total Feed Length, that means Spring O.D. is getting smaller. If spring O.D. is out spec., spring will falls into bad spring side.

  • Hook Touch Sensor:

After Hook Forming, length of spring will be fixed, we utilize a sensor to check spring length, if Hook Forming is failed, than spring sorter will reject the spring into bad spring side.

  • Cutoff Failure Sensor:

If cut off is failed, machine will stop immediately to avoid damage.

  • Spring Sorter:

Select good springs and reject bad springs and out spec. springs.


MODEL CNC-10A CNC Tension Making Machine
Wire Dia. 0.1 -1.0mm
Max. O.D. 10mm
Max. Speed 100pcs/min
Max. Length of Coil Body 100mm
Direction Of Coil Left / Right Hand Coil
Net Weight 350kg
Dimensions 93*82*173cm
Wooden Case Dim. 162*117*203cm
Gross Weight 500kg


Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Chris Huang
Contact:Mr. Chris Huang
Address:9F., No.63, Sec. 4, Chongxin Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan